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Join our community of aspiring therapists and embark on your journey towards becoming a successful Schema Therapy practitioner.

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Premier Schema Therapy Training, Elevating Standards in Mental Health Education

Empowering Therapists Through Comprehensive, ISST-Approved Schema Therapy Instruction: Learn from the Masters, including Founding Members and Past and Present Presidents of ISST.

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace with our weekly modules, allowing you to practice and absorb each topic between trainings rather than being overwhelmed by a concentrated multi-day trainings

Upgrade Pesonal Skill

Elevate your therapy skills with our specific Schema Therapy trainings tailored for individual or couples counseling


Complete our carefully designed trainings to fulfill all coursework requirements for the Individual or Couples Certification in Schema Therapy by ISST

ISST-Approved: Pathways to Individual and Couples Certification

An Alliance Rooted in Excellence: The Schema Therapy Training Center of New York proudly collaborates with the International Society of Schema Therapy. Join us in pioneering advanced therapeutic practices

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Individually we achieve progress, collectively we revolutionize Schema Therapy.

Join our collaborative community at the Schema Therapy Training Center of New York and be part of the transformation in mental health care

IT & Web Programming Instructors
Business & Marketing Instructors
Finance & Accounting Instructors
Photography & Videography Instructors
Meet our trainers

Premiere training from founders of ISST

Travis Atkinson

Founder + Director + Trainer

Jeff Conway

Trainer + ISST President

Poul Perris

First ISST President + Trainer

Embark on Your Path to ISST Certification - Apply Now

Experience Cutting-Edge Learning: Engaging, Relevant, and Highly Effective Online Training Techniques.
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